Using a MySQL Database

The website that I have been working on for my web programming class has been using text files in order to store all of it's data. For this week's lab we had to convert everything to a MySQL database. In order to make this as simple as possible I moved the site on to turing. It should act just like the old one but trust me, it is a lot sweeter 🙂 Check it out here:

PHP Site Statistics

This Lab assignment required us to make a statistics page for out site that keeps track of the number of hits to each page of the site. I even used the google chart API to make a spiffy bar graph. Unfortunately the URL for the image does not pass validation and I don't know why. But since there is nothing else wrong with my XHTML I'm leaving it in. Check it out:

PHP Parsing and a new album

For our Web Programming lab this week we had to write a php script that would parse through an apache log file and print a summary of the root directory requests. The instructor told us that he would give us extra points if we did it with regular expressions. So, of course I did. 🙂
Check it out here:

We also had to use some php to add a better image gallery to our super hero website. I did not go too crazy with this one but here it is:

Even More CSS fun!

For this assignment we had to use a yahoo css template to make our website even prettier. This would have been easier if the template actually validated. But it's all good now. The only problem is that the tag that I used to make the iPhone CSS work is not recognized by the validator. But I'm leaving it in there since this is how Apple tells you to do it. Check it out and let me know what you think!