The Art of the Iced Coffee

Having worked all through high school at a very popular coffee establishment, which shall remain nameless, I have honed my iced coffee making skill to well exceed the standards of the establishment. Many of my customers were very satisfied and some even asked that I specifically made their regular cup for them. Their was no real secret to making it other than melting the sugar with hot coffee before adding the milk, ice and warm coffee. Of course I can't take full credit for this technique. It was taught to me by my sister who had also worked at the same store for years before I had. But the real trick is to keep the coffee moving. Swirl the hot coffee and sugar in the cup as much as you can before adding the other ingredients.

But being away from home at school as forced me to have to find other places to get good coffee. Not really a problem for me thankfully because I'm really not picky about I drink. I found a great little shop down town, the Cafe Monte Alto. Very good coffee with a totally different flavor than the arabica beans I'm used to. But they had their own trick to making iced coffee that I never would have thought of. Making the ice cubes out of coffee! This very simple trick makes for a very tasty and full flavored cup all the way to the end. Even hours later when traditional water cubes would have melted and badly diluted the cup.

Don't take my word for it, try it out yourself! Brew a pot and let it sit (not on a warmer!) until it comes down to room temperature. Then pour it into ice cube trays. Use them in your next cup and I'm certain you will love it. 🙂