PHP Parsing and a new album

For our Web Programming lab this week we had to write a php script that would parse through an apache log file and print a summary of the root directory requests. The instructor told us that he would give us extra points if we did it with regular expressions. So, of course I did. 🙂
Check it out here:

We also had to use some php to add a better image gallery to our super hero website. I did not go too crazy with this one but here it is:

1 thought on “PHP Parsing and a new album

  1. In the log parsing, you could have saved one whole loop by doing lines 16-19 in the same loop as the preg_match_all(). Also, the preg_match_all could have been accomplished more efficiently with preg_match() *or* you could have done one preg_match_all() without the initial loop and moved straight into line 15s loop as is. Minor stuff, but a slightly cleaner approach. Otherwise, huge props for attempting the regexp.

    In the image gallery code, you could have simplified a bit by leveraging the modulus operator as opposed to multiple loops. Again, just a tip on cleanliness.

    Good forward thinking with the nicely standardized naming convention for the images. Any thoughts on how you might handle this if they weren't so neatly structured?

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