Another source for free music!

Well since the start of the new school year I have been very busy with all of my school work and projects etc... hence the lack of posting here. But there is one thing that I have been dealing with lately that I thought I should post about. Students at PSU seem to be being targeted by the RIAA lately and we have had waaaay more than ever getting notices from them. Here is my message to those people: You do not need to download music!!!
There are plenty of places to get free music very easily without actually downloading it! This is great especially since you get the new stuff all the time without having to track it down and try it out first. I had written a post earlier about Pandora and I still love it but it seems to be a bit limited in the content it provides. It is almost like it is trying to hard to provide you music it thinks you will like. So let me introduce you to my new favorite music source. I'll admit that I was a bit leary at first but after about 3 seconds I was convinced to try it. (Thanks Peter!) So far I like it, I'm hearing music that I have never heard before that I like. It has all kinds of cool features but you should really just go check it out for yourself. So go ahead and point google at It's better than serving time for downloading music illegally 🙂