Looking for music?

Lately I have been trying to expand my music library in various different ways. Much what I listen to is rock, but I love it all. I've taken a liking to the newgrass genre recently. It is a modern form of the older bluegrass with slightly different instrumentation. There is something about the banjo, violin, and guitars that gets me going.

It took me a while to finally figure out what bands I liked though. Since the only radio station that I've ever heard bluegrass on is WGBH 86.7 FM out of Boston, I can't listen to it at school simply because I'm too far away. My brother showed me a sweet website, pandora.com, you tell it a song or a band that you like and it makes an online radio station just for you that plays music that sounds like what you put in it. As a result I've been finding all kinds of new music that I would have never knew of otherwise.