Looking for music?

Lately I have been trying to expand my music library in various different ways. Much what I listen to is rock, but I love it all. I've taken a liking to the newgrass genre recently. It is a modern form of the older bluegrass with slightly different instrumentation. There is something about the banjo, violin, and guitars that gets me going.

It took me a while to finally figure out what bands I liked though. Since the only radio station that I've ever heard bluegrass on is WGBH 86.7 FM out of Boston, I can't listen to it at school simply because I'm too far away. My brother showed me a sweet website, pandora.com, you tell it a song or a band that you like and it makes an online radio station just for you that plays music that sounds like what you put in it. As a result I've been finding all kinds of new music that I would have never knew of otherwise.

Computer Security

In these days people tend to have lots and lots of passwords. Though things like Mac OS X's keychain and KDE's wallet system are great ways to keep track of these things, have you ever considered the other part of computer security? Your hardware. So it's great that you have the 64 character password but what do you do when your entire computer gets stolen? Mac OS X has a great system called FileVault that encrypts your entire home directory and to my knowledge there is no way to hack it. But that just isn't enough for me.

After watching a few episodes of the Discovery Channel's "It Takes a Thief" I realized how valuable my computer is to me. Not even considering the possibility of identity theft, computers are expensive and some of us are even too cheap to buy the school apartment insurance. Instead I recommend just using a good lock and cable to secure your machines. Whether laptop or desktop they are equally easy to steal.

A New Beginning!

Or well actually it's just a regular beginning really. Welcome to Matt's World. As things here evolve you'll find all kinds of interesting things. But for now it is going to be a little empty. Keep checking back though because I plan to update frequently! 🙂